On the Mother's Day 2023


Emiliya Cante

5/15/20232 min read

On Mother's Day my husband got me this card. It was so funny to receive it, and my husband overall handled "everything" well that day. I had so much fun, and he was the one who washed the dishes for the whole day, I didn't even touch them 😊.

It is a funny card because what is written there is true. Mothers handle everything all the time without a break. They are heroes living nowadays, and not many realize that. We live in this world where moms are so lonely and feel the need to be perfect and not talk about struggles. I realized that when I share what I struggle with, sometimes it looks like I have failed. BUT NO!!! God didn't call me to be a perfect mom and handle everything in the best way, I am called to be a mom who loves her child and brings him up with love, compassion, guidance, maturity, and God. If I made a mistake, I am not a failure, I am a learner. If I struggle, I am not a failure, I am a human. In handling everything, I also need to remember to give myself grace and mercy for what I wasn't able to do. So, on this Mother's Day, I just ask you to take a moment and slow down, take a deep breath, and see yourself as the good and wonderful mom, that you are. See the things that you did and do well, and thank God for it. Everything else will catch up, don't worry, and again you are going to have to do list that never ends, so I just ask you on a daily basis, to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and see what's with God's help, you have done well.