Mom Blog

Somedays a messy home, dirty diapers, and endless hours seem to be just too much. By the “blessing” of the fourth cup of coffee, I wish it was easier to carry the name, “Mother.” I continue to rejoice, however, because, in the midst of the chaos and the mess, my life is filled with happy memories.

Motherhood is a privilege I received from God. At times it seems harder than I can endure, but at other times it’s a glorious blessing. I want to be a mom who can raise a happy, healthy child whether my house is clean or messy and my coffee cup is full or empty.

As moms, I know we need each other. My hope is that this blog will encourage you and remind you how wonderful you are and how much you mean to your family. I am all too aware of the questions we ponder in our hearts. 'What do I do next?’ “Where do I go for help?” “Whose advice do I trust for my child?” In our desire to be all that we need to be for our families, we easily forget our worth and fabulousness in this world and fear we might lose our sanity in the spin cycle of one more load of laundry. This blog is my contribution to the journey we are all on as amazing, beautiful, and Godly mothers.