A Word From Emiliya

5/11/20232 min read

If you are like me, you long to experience joy, to enjoy being yourself, or to at least feel like you are somebody worthwhile. How does this happen, though, when you are caught in a life of misery, misunderstanding, loneliness, separation of any sort, depression, distrust, pain, and betrayal? When kids are young, and you don’t have enough sleep, it's hard to say “God is good” in the morning. When a friend betrays you and hurts you, it's hard to say that “God’s plan is the best.” When your spouse is not being supportive or left you alone, it's hard to say “It is well with my soul.” It is challenging to see goodness in your life when there is not much to feel GOOD about. There are seasons in life when the tears in your eyes are not tears of joy, but sorrow. The tears can blur the light at the end of the tunnel as you wonder if God cares enough to come to your rescue. The pain can become unbearable as it drills deep into your heart. The wounds on your soul can grow so big that you wonder if God has enough power to heal.

It is okay to feel this way because the story of you is still being written. It is healthy to admit when you feel like the world is breaking apart and pain is overwhelming your heart. It takes courage to not run away from the pain and hurt. On my journey, intense pain has been used by God to introduce me to joy and peace. It is a mystery that causes me to pay attention to difficult moments as pathways to God’s blessing.

Too often, we look for happiness in the circumstances of life but I am here to tell you that peace and joy are found in Jesus. You might not like this answer, but I am sorry, He is the only way. I ran around and away from Him to live my life and find my own happiness. I honestly believed following Jesus would be boring and difficult. As hard as I tried to look for fulfillment on my own, I didn’t find what I was looking for so I gave Jesus a chance. It has not been easy, but to live in pain and misery without Him was much harder. When you have Jesus by your side, things ARE more bearable and somehow easier. I still feel the pain and hurt, the loneliness and isolation, the broken trust and betrayal, but now Someone was helping me carry it. I started to actually see a purpose in all of it. HE let me know He understood my pain because He went through deep pain Himself. I will never go back because the agony was killing me. Now, I am reminded that God is continually holding me in His wonderful, caring, gentle, and loving hands. I feel His presence in my life, and I will never go back to my life without Him. My future is Jesus, and my path is HIS purpose for my life.

My dear friend, Jesus is the only way to the life you have dreamed about. God made you for a purpose that will make you joyful and fulfilled. When you are struggling as a woman, mom, or wife, God is there to carry you through hardships. He is able to carry any problem and hardships in your life. I pray that my words will encourage you, show Jesus to you, and make His way of living clearer. My prayer is that you will fall in love with Him as I did and start following Him every single day.